They’ll learn plenty of social and emotional skills!
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The heart of Q Wunder is in our original programming. Your child joins Q on fun adventures fueled by valuable lessons that develop their social and emotional skills. Watch for appearances by Q’s celebrity friends!


Browse and share articles, podcasts and videos curated by the experts here at EQtainment. Consider this your ultimate resource to stay on top of a growing movement.


Sometimes the mood calls for a sing along, and Q Wunder has you covered with tunes you’ll find yourself singing just as much as your children. You’ll learn social, emotional, AND dance skills!


Our 20 question quiz will give you insight into your child’s current emotional and social skill level. This sets the starting point for their custom curriculum.


Each original episode is accompanied by a game based off activities from the lesson. Children will help Q dodge meteors, play on the soccer field, and even fly his spaceship through the streets.


As your child engages with Q Wunder, you’ll be able to see their skill level grow over time. Learn their favorite activities and supplement the curriculum with guidance from the Parent’s Corner.



Magan C.
Ruston, LA
Former attorney and mom of 2

“Q Wunder has made us laugh and learn with each other. The songs help me teach my kids simple things they can do to improve their behavior and communication, and our whole family sings along in the car!”

Destiny D.
Shreveport, LA
Pastor, lawyer, and mom of 3

“My four year old LOVES Q! She brings the Q-time Buddy everywhere and gets so excited each time a new episode comes out. I love that there are so many ways she can improve her emotional intelligence through this app and the board game.”

Scott J.
Seattle, WA
Dad of 3

“I’ve had so many great moments with my kids playing Q’s Race to the Top on family game night, and now they can learn with Q Wunder all the time. This is such a great tool for parents and kids!”

Shirin Y.
Los Angeles, CA
Founder of LA Mom Magazine and mom of 3

“Q Wunder is the go-to app in our family. Instead of watching brain numbing content, my girls are engaged and learning life skills.”

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